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4 More Weeks and counting....

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Greetings all -

Just introducing myself and hoping to learn a lot here. I ordered my Nitro about 2 weeks ago (and told should be in before Christmas - I hope!). Am not the kind of guy who is really car savvy, actually more of a geek, I guess, always focussing on safety, so car of choice has been a Subaru - until I saw the Nitro! Never have I said, "GOTTA HAVE IT!" up to that day. So, ordered an SLT, black (almost went with the orange!) with moonroof, UConnect and full sized spare. Wanted the 20" but was told that could take months, and the R/T would be available maybe by February or March - so at the age of 42, figured I could go without the 20" and just enjoy myself with the 17" - and besides, as a priest, can't look too hip!

Anyway, thought I would say HI, and looking forward to connecting!

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Congrats on the purchase! I would die if I had to wait that long! You can always add 20" wheels aftermarket or from the dealer when they come out..Who says a priest cant look hip? you will be driving a nitro ;)

Welcome to the forum!
Hey, NitroWill - thanks! The dealer dissuaded me from aftermarket 20's saying that it would strain the you can see, not too car savvy here!
Welcome! Happy to have you!
I would agree that God is hip and Priests should be hip as well. And because it is written that the very cool Priests must drive hip cars, you have no choice in the matter. It is your destiny!
Hey, NitroWill - thanks! The dealer dissuaded me from aftermarket 20's saying that it would strain the you can see, not too car savvy here!
Thats crazy talk..The only thing theyd really do is lower the mileage a little bit..but itd be worth it for the []D [] []V[] []D factor :D :p
Thanks ADMIN! And maybe will have to check that out, NitroWill - but hope I get it before Christmas - what a great way to celebrate! BTW, got a 4X4. Also, what is DVD factor (sorry)?
haha thats suppose to read PIMP but in a cool way :p in other word it would increase the cars cool points a bunch ;) Ive seen a pair of the 20" wheels on ebay - but they are EXTREMELY over priced..(And not selling)
LOL - ok, now I get it! (Told you I wasn't real hip!)
Welcome chitowner........I am sure that by the time your Nitro arrives you will be real hip. Just keep up with all the posts and don't forget to post pics when it arrives........God Bless..........David
Thanks, David - I certainly will post - what a great group of folks!:)

Dont be a stranger, feel free to ask, comment, post - thats what this place is here for :)

Edit: aww this had to be first post of new page :(
Welcome from another maybe not so hip guy..... LOL:D .... enjoy the forum and post any and all questions it is the best way to find things out. I am new to the forum game but finding it real easy and fun to interact with the group here. And by the looks of things with these guys/gals use the smiles when they fit;)
The smilies rule, but you gotta use em right :D
thanks again for the welcome from all of you....have to admit, it is hard to sit tight for this vehicle (I have always bought off the lot!)...and checking out the threads has really whetted my appetite! AH -for a miracle (AKA a quick delivery!)! And for the smiley-philes::)

Hi Chitownwer,
I really hope you get yours by Christmas! That would mean that I may have mine by then as well. I ordered on11-02 and was told 8-12 weeks. That would put me into January. I called the customer service line and they said the same. There is a way to find out where your nitro is on the assembly line. Haven't checked mine recently but it was just starting production 1 1/2 weeks ago. I'm really itching to get mine as well! Let's hope for an early Christmas present for both of us.
Hey chitowner, welcome to the site, priest are allowed to be hip & drive cool rigs, my brother is a priest & he drives a vette.
Hi again!

Thanks for the warm welcome from all of you - I am thinking there should be some sort of reunion for all those who have the Nitro "First Edition" - could be fun! in the world would I be able to find out if my Nitro is in production - that is VERY tantilizing!
Talk to your dealer and get the vehicle order number. Then call the customer service line. I have the number but not with me at the time. I will post it a little later, or you can get it off the dodge homepage. Call and give them the order number and they will tell you the status of you vehicle.
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thanks - will have to check that out.
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