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Hi guys! This is my first login/post in 4 years.. I know because my bio section said "22, college senior, future teacher."
Now I am much older and became a teacher!

The reason for my login, as I've not meant to be away so long, love the site... was the request to be a site supporter. (I would like to be and am looking into it).

Anyways, I have had a few crazy things happening with my Nitro recently. I have had it since 2010 and have been going strong since, until now.

Twice now in 2 years I have replaced the same window regulator (warranty was only 1 year, go figure).

I have replaced all the valve stems in my tires probably 2-3 times each (since 2010).

1. My front right turn signal WILL Not work, after three different mechanic trips, a new socket, and tears... we found out it's the "Total integrated power module" a $400'ish part... Did you see where I said I was a teacher? haha

2. When driving, quite often throughout I can feel grinding under my foot on the break pedal. Apparently, that has something to do with one of the tires?? And according to my research the drive-train?

Man... I love my car and planned on keeping it for at least 2 more years. But, ughhhhhhhhhhh!
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