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2011 Dodge Nitro Heat 3.7L
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I’ve had this noise for about two years or so, and here recently it has become louder.
*Noise is intermittent
*Only makes the rattle noise with the A/C on
*It’s loud and clear when sitting at idle, once I accelerate the noise goes away…from what I can tell
*It started off as a small tick, kinda like a lifter/rocker arm tick, and now it has become louder, more like a rattle.
The noise is definitely coming from the transmission, i can here it when using an auto thescope.

Anyone come across this with the 42RLE?
Not sure if it’s the torque converter or maybe the oil pump for the transmission. Maybe even something internally :\

Their are no other problems than this annoying noise

(if i can, I will post a youtube video and share it on here)
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