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4spd to 5spd swap?

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nitro tech maybe you can answer this how hard will it be to swap 4spd on the 3.7 for the 5spd that is standard on the R/T? 4spd is a clunker and would like to change
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I found a web sight that has price listing on the tranmission (same as in the R/T 5 spp "auto stick" if you call it that but it is a better trany
Price was 3,295 kind of a chunk of change but not all mods are cheap.
I will see if I can find it again and I will post it. if nothin ealse it is a goo estimate of parts price for th drive train on the nitro
You will also need to install a seperate controller for the 5speed. The Nitro ECM has an on-board controller only for the 4speed.

If you are tired of your 4speed, it might actually be easier and cheaper to swap in the Nitro 6speed manual. Even though you need to install the clutch assembly, You know it will bolt up the the 3.7L.

It would also be kind of cool to have the only stick shift SLT in the USA.
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