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4x4 A/T Tires

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For those of us that love the the unpaved roads in life and need a meatier tire...I put on the same size of tire as Slim's 245/70/16 (29.5") but I went a different brand (Firestone Destination A/T) for the deeper tread. It does fit both wheelwells nicely with inches to spare with tire centered and turned (although it doesn't look like it will). We also tried a 245/75/16 (30.5") and it fit snug with no rub but I thought it was pushing it a bit. So you can go up about an 1.2" maybe 1.5" in tire size. A 235/75/16 sounded feasable as well.
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I couldn't find the digital camera and I don't know if I can send pics with my cell (I think that cost extra) besides its dark out now I'll try tomorrow. I have the stone white Nitro with black fenders, bumpers and trim, now the new tires make it look awesome. Next is the hitch, roof rack (just bars), and chrome gas door! Yahhhoooo!
sounds good.dont forget to add your Nitro model to your profile too! I cant stand the thought of replacing my brand new tires too..maybe when its time to get mine replaced Ill get some more beefier ones..maybe thats an extra incentive to ware mine out?:Racing:
My tires only had about a 900 miles on them so I said I wouldn't buy the new one's if I did'nt get something back for them. So they knocked about &150 off the price for me which made it more affordable.
They took the new tires from you? Is this the daler or an aftermarket place?
Firestone on Bell Rd. & 35th Ave in Phoenix, Arizona but if they had'nt given me money or credit toward my purchase I was set to sell them to L&J used tires for somewhat less but it would have at least been something
Sweet deal JR. I can't wait for the pix. I'll wait till the stockers have some miles on 'em before I swap out mine. I'm gonna go with a Mickey Thompson BFGoodrich on mine.
I put the 245/65r 17's on mine Les Schwab Tires.( northwest people know) Took it to the tire shop & went back to the dealer to finish the paperwork on the Nitro. Just never had any luck with goodyears they are ok city tire not a dirt road tire.Wintercat SST for anyone who might want to go looking great all around traction tire.
For those of you who are interested in Nitro, but have not yet bought one, I stood my ground at the dealer and was able to get them to use there buying power at a local tire shop.I drove my new Nitro straight to Fountain Tire, and was given $450cdn, for my Goodyears against a set of Bfg All Terrains...
Right on Slim! And I thought I was a tough sell 'em, I wish I had seen your post about tires before I commited, it would have saved me $300. Oh well, live and learn. By the way it was your post that prompted me to do my homework on tire size even tho everyone (dealer included) was convinced we couldn't go bigger in that wheelwell, so thanks man
Alright Slim sounds like you made a heck of a deal.:beerchug:
Those still look like the stock tires. We wanna see the new Beef in those wheel wells!!!!:D
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