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I just got my Nitro, great ride!!

Keep in mind I got this as a company car (lease) and cannot do any big mods. I am an audio geek and thought the upgraded factory system (8 speaker, 6 disc) would be adequate for my needs but talk about crap! :)

Any suggestions, I want to replace the 6.5. Will that do the trick on the muddy sound on the mids or is it the frequency cutoffs on the mids that is killing the sound? What 6.5s would you recommend.

Also the 8 is too punchy, I like all kinds of music. Is it possible to replace the 8 and get the depth I want or is the the 6.5s that are overpowering the 8 way in the back. Is it possible to fit a 10 in that slot?

Even in my old system I could go to hip hop, to indie rock, then jazz and have a clean transition (but it was an aftermarket alpine will a huge array of sound settings). Having only a treble, mid, and bass setting doesnt tell me anything.

Sorry if there was a similiar post, i read around but couldnt find anything related to upgrading the 8 speaker stereo.

Does anybody know the wattage/ ohms going to the speakers?

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Well, it's hard to say what you could do without getting into it too deep. I know that in my experiences that changing out the stereo was the biggest improvement. Case in point, my SRT4 came with the Kicker 10" sub with Kicker speakers all around. It sounded OK but seriously didn't sound like anything special. Once I changed out the stereo I was surprised at how much better it sounded. Of course I couldn't stop there. I ripped out everything and installed what I wanted.:shy:
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