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A few mods done today

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Chrome bug shield - 45 minutes to install
Black side steps - 40 minutes to install
Chrome Dodge Ram trailor hitch protector with locking pin.
Cheap, easy to install and they look great.

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Looks great, gonna have to get one of those bug deflectors.:cool:

how much was that bug deflector? looks cool, i wanna get the smoked out deflector
Are those the Mopar black side steps? Where did you get them and how much?
Yes mopar factory original - $369.75 plus believe it or not $7.00 shipping
Bug shield was $94.73 at the same website.
Went with black side steps instead of chrome thought the chrome ones would be too much and chip easier.
Thanks for the information, the bug shield, side step & hitch cover look great.

I will be ordering this week.:Banana01:
Yes, love what you have done to your Nitro. That bug guard is really slick. Do you need to drill holes to install it? I like them smaller running boards also. But not as safe as the wider ones for mother in laws with large feet.:D
Yes, you have to drill 4 holes.
I wrapped black tape around the drill bit so it could only go in .125",
don't want to drill a hole through the hood!
Just installed mine...

Easy as can be, just need to be careful not to drill through hood and to center on hood.:ura1:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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