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A nitro waiting to be born!

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Went out the dealer today and started the process: :Banana01:

I now have a Inferno Red Nitro R/T with the 28L package on the way (dealer actually had one on order that fits my request already, think I'm gonna like that 4.0L V-6 better then the 3.7L V-6 coming from a 5.2L V-8 on my Dakota) a few other options that are listed are the sunroof, remote start, two tone cloth seats with logo (not a fan of leather) ended up at about $26,400 for the deal.

The Invoice shows that the "beast" was ordered on January 9 and had a ship date of March 30. The GM at the dealer called his Dodge guy and they said it's not being built till April 10th. dealer who seems straight said don't expect it until the end of April. I think I've seen that there is a way to track the status which the invoice shows as D1, anyone able to tell me how?

Either way I'm just about a full fledged Nitro owner!!!!!!! :Racing:
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Welcome to the site enjoy, your dealer should be able to keep you updated on the build.:pepper:
Welcome to the forum Opieos. You will have to rely on your dealer to update you on the order. Lucky for you, you have one already advanced in the build process.
I've ordered a Nitro RT as well, and they won't even say how long it will be other than vague estimates.
Great news

welcome to the forum. post some pix when you get it! :wave:
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