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ABS & ESP light are ON

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first problem with the truck has happened today when my wife took the dog to the park, put a plastic step stool on the ground to let the dog climb into the cargo area of the vehicle, forgot it on the ground and partially run over it. After the incident the ABS and ESP lights came on. It was not anything really serious, just cracked one of the legs of the step stool, I checked underneath to see if there is any damage, connectors pulled, etc, can't see anything.
But regardless, if a plastic stool at 5 Km/h or less, will damage a truck, I'm totally dumbfound.
I did search the site to see if anybody else has experienced such a thing, could not find any info.
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Fixed it, HE HE. The damn plastic stool ripped the wire right out from the connector, did not see it yesterday because my wife pointed to the other side of the car. Sure enough I could not really sleep that well knowing that my baby is hurting, so this morning I inspected it properly, found the wires out checked another sensor for +/-, put everything back in place.
Rolling again with a smile.

:Racing: :Racing:
Good to hear you fixed your problem. Tough stool. :rolleyes:
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