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The passenger rear brake caliper on my 2011 Dodge Nitro jammed and began heating up my wheel because the piston could not retract. I followed the factory caliper replacement procedure, including using a piece of wood to hold the brake pedal down so that the master cylinder did not empty. I bled the passenger side rear brake caliper, using single pumps of the brake pedal and a 10 mm wrench to crack it during pumping. I bled it until no air was coming out of the bleeder valve.

Problem: After changing the caliper, braking is usually normal. However, if I hit a big bump at medium speed or if I spin a tire in rain, the ABS system takes away my part of my brakes and the pedal falls halfway to the floor. I have to pump the pedal furiously to get my brakes back. No warning lights light in dash.

I then manually bled all 4 brakes. Again no bubbles

My questions are:

Did I damage the wheel speed sensor but set no code?

Do I have to have the brakes pressure bled by a shop?

Or does the ABS unit need to be reprogrammed back to its default settings?

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