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2011 Dodge Nitro Heat 3.7L
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Very very (like a hair) minor rub at the front bumper.
I had custom hub-centric 1” adapters made. And the reason they are adapters, I didn’t want to trim my studs (even though i would only have to trim a hair off of the end) and my aftermarket wheels are 5x4.5 and 5x5 lug pattern. So to get by without trimming studs, I got 5x4.5 adapter to 5x5 adapter. The spacers were made by the same company who makes BORA spacer. I have 20x9 wheels with +0 offset and i’m looking at a set of 20x10 with -12 offset. With my current wheel and offset as well as the spacer, this comes out the same as the 20x10 -12 wheels would.
So I may be getting a new wheel and tire setup in the future.
And once someone from Crown Performance gets back in contact with me (if they ever do!!!) I’ll have the brake hoses I need to go up another .5”-1”
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