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advice needed (buying nitro soon in canada)

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Hi guys,

I will most likely be buying a Nitro in the next week or 2 and so my problem is whether to buy the last of the 07s and get a lower interest rate on the financing or get an 08 and have to pay more interest.

Are the 08s worth the extra ? I cant find any details on what options are added here in Canada and it seems weird that the showrooms have some now but the website still lists the 07.

I was leaning towards an 08 since hopefully many of the problems which plagued the 07s and needed tsb's would have been fixed by now at the factory but its always nice to save some money and get an 07.

My other worry was depreciation, my 07 would be a year old as soon as I drive it off the lot.

I'd appreciate anyones thought on this.

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Check the build dates on what your dealers have on the lot. It is posted down on the pillar when you open the drivers front door. Ours is May 07, and have had no problems. If you can get a later build date, most issues are already taken care of, and the dealer is required to perform all outstanding recalls before he delivers the vehicle to you. You can also get the VIN of the vehicle you are looking at and go to Dodge customer service on their website and input to check for any outstanding issues.

If you want to save a few bucks, do a little homework on what is on the dealers' lot. This will go a long way to ease any concerns you may have. One thing for sure, once you have your own Nitro, you are going to love it.
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