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Aftermarket hitch and full size 20

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I will be installing a hitch on my Nitro R/T with a 20" full size spare.
Has anyone had a problem with interference?
If not, what brand of aftermarket hitch have you had good luck with?
Newbe Scott
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I'm actually in between the install right now.

The hitch I am using is from the dealer (Mopar). The only problems that I have run into so far is the bumper bezel. I never had mine cut out so I am doing that myself.

As far as the spare goes, I have a full size 20' rim myself, and the manual states that the tire will need to be off during install. But it does not state that this would be the case when the hitch is on.

There are T-Storms in Ohio right now, so I'm on stand-by. If I get the chance, I will follow up.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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