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Aftermarket Wiring Issue

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I bought a stereo in February and haven't been able to get it installed anywhere. No one will do it. I know you cant simply cut the wires and then connect to the stereo wires. I made that mistake on my Durango. I thought you had to purchase a seperate module to do this. If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it
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The harness is not available yet. Your best option if you do not want to wait is to splice into your factoy harness using t-taps. Check out the Interior modifications forum... we have been discussion a ton about things liek this there.


just curious if anyone has tried this? Best has a Tool on there website to see if they can fit certain radios in your vehicle, depending on ther adio you cluick on. its called a fit guide. When i picked one and used the guide it said they could infact install this in my dodge nitro wich i selected from a pull down menu. Since i havent actually followed up yet i cant confirm but check it out, might help.
There is a kit available from Metra. A few of us have already installed it with our systems... but their IS NOT a wiring harness available yet.

Do a search as this topic has been talked upon many times over. As soon as I get wind from Metra about the harness the will be the first place I post.

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