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Hi all, forgot to introduce myself.

I live in the UK and I'm a MOPAR head but not so much for SUV. In my opinion 4x4 is Toyota and that's it. BUT I've decided to give the Nitro a go since I was walking out of the supermarket and there it was parked in the car dealer across the road.
I'm enjoying the car and coming from a '12 Land Cruiser the Nitro doesn't offer much but I'm happy with that.
Despite the mechanical issues I'm encountering and trying to fix the only complain at the moment is the lack of storage space around the car. The ones in the rear doors are ridiculous, maybe I can put a tissue in there. Front doors aren't very different. Could have something over the ceiling lamps (by the way what the heck is that "clip" sign?) but I do like the storage under the platform in the boot.

Anyway, hope to be happy with the car for a while. And the sound system/speakers... bliss. (after getting rid of the original unit of course)

Here's a picture of the babies.


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Good to have you here. Enjoy the forum!

BTW... Beautiful Duster you have there. Looks to be a 1973 model?
What engine does it have? That is a Hemi hood scoop, but a Hemi in a Duster was extremely rare.
Based on the vintage, my guess would be that it has a 340 c.i. engine. Just a guess!
I am curious though?!
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