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Air ride suspension

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ok well ive noticed a few people have been looking into bagging there nitro.. and i seen that this guy "Downfowutever" keeps coming up.. but anyways i cant find any info on him or the ride. only seen a few pics of it..

so does anybody else know how to bag a nitro? or any info at all on it..

oh btw im new here but if you know anything a bout baggs post up some pics or something.. previous cars or trucks heres my 02 s10

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your sonoma is sick dude.. or was sick.. tat box was pretty legit.. woulda looked even better on the ground :) lol but its all good..

but what no progress on the first gen? cause that thing is clean is hell? what kinda body drop where you doing?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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