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Airbag Light

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I have a 2009 nitro and my airbag light on the cash keeps randomly blinking. It will stop for awhile and then start again. Any ideas?
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Have a similar problem, but the warning light stays on all the time. I have a list of other things that need to be done, and this one gets added to the list.

Won't be taking my Nitro to the dealer I bought it from because the airbag light was on when I test drove the vehicle. Mentioned that to the sales rep and his reply was that "it's a common problem with Chrysler vehicles"o_O Being that I was 100mi from home, and they couldn't do a diagnostic that day, I said I'll have it checked out by a dealer closer to home.

Guess they weren't too concerned about my safety...
It's the dash warning light, red. It's on all the time. The passenger light is on the mid-console, just below the radio. I see the orange light come on during the ignition sequence lamp test, and it goes off after the truck starts.
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