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Anyone know what page in the owners manual lists the air filter number? I might go to a K/N to get the mileage up to 17.
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Hey Nitroboy. Where are you driving that you are only getting 17 mpg?????

You are new here too. Post some pics.
Don't know about stock, but the amsoil Ea29 fits perfect.
I'm driving a 2007 Nitro SLT 4x2. I will check out this Amsoil.
Its one of those new dry media filters.clean w/low air press. & go again.
Air Filter

K&N 33-2363 (online) or K&N 332363 at Advance Auto Parts. $52 + tax. I got INSTANT performance boost. INSTANTLY noticeable performance boost!

See my other postings for my chase to get above 14mpg.

~30 days ago, I bought a fully loaded 2007 SLT 4x4 (plus 20" R/T wheels/tires too). I was only getting 14.4mpg in city until my recent "maintenance kit."

- NTroGN
I recommend the K&N as well. Now getting 18 around town and 26 on the highway....:)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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