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AlfaODB software

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Hello, it's been a while. I don't own my '08 Nitro anymore. My niece in college drives it as her daily runner. It's been great all this time.

The Nitro started to have clock spring issues. Dash lights and codes. A replacement was installed. We tried the manual calibration but doesn't seem to work. I'm starting to suspect the replacement clock spring is bad. Or wiring somewhere is bad.

Has anyone used AlfaOBD (AlfaOBD) software on their Nitro? We are having connections issues. The ODBII adapter may be too old. I'm not sure though. My brother is looking through the software to see what kind of changes can be made. Communication to the ECM, TIPM, and other modules show connection errors.
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I use it with an OBDlink-MX+ adapter, works great.
Cool. Guess I’ll order the adapter. I bought the software mostly for my ‘21 Ram. I’m adding LED lights and other factory accessories. Plus, turn on DRL.

What changes have you made? Can you turn on day light driving lights? Does the software do a clock spring calibration?
I haven't checked but believe there is a clock spring calibration function.
I've disabled the lane-change signal feature, and am using it to add some sales codes. I upgraded my steering wheel to have the radio controls, will be upgrading my console to one with EVIC (needed for the radio controls), and will be enabling the towing feature soon once I install that wiring harness.
I've mostly used it to check and clear DTCs
A MX+ plug in fixed a pad/software communication issue. AlfaODB can read everything except the clock spring. It will be pulled out and checked. My brother did fix the tire settings. The tires are about 4% bigger than stock.

Is there a preference on clock spring manufacturers?
Is there a preference on clock spring manufacturers?
I don't know about different manufacturers, but do know that there's more than one part number--you need to make sure you get the one with the 3rd connector for the ESP.
A different scanner does read +/- degree angles. Which module reads the ESP signals? If sensor out put is reading, a module or something else is turning on ESP lights.
i thought that when you changed the clockspring you set the road wheels bang on straight, ( then do not move them at all ) remove the steering wheel, remove the clockspring, open the new clockspring ( which is set in the exact central position ) install it, put the steering wheel back on and thats it everything central,
doesn't make sense that the clockspring can be calibrated, lets say the clockspring was installed in the totally wrong position when you turn the steering to full lock left or right in one of these locks the ckockspring (ribbon cable ) would break, or am i missing something ?,
A replacement should work as plug and play. As long as the wheels are not turned. The factory software does need to start 0 somewhere. The Nitro replacement clock spring is not working properly. Or the problem is somewhere else. The replacement clock spring does display data on one scanner. On AlfaODB it will not communicate. Since it's a sensor, which module controls it? ECM, TIPM, or body module? All options communicate with AlfaODB except clock spring access. New ABS/speed sensors will be installed. A different manufactured clock spring is on order too. Hopefully, replacements will keep ESC lights off.
Coming back to close out my post. The software doesn't do a zero reset. A new better sensor did communicate with AlfaODB. The first sensor didn't communicate. So far so good. No ABS or traction control lights are flashing. All wheel speed sensors read the same on AlfaODB so they won't be replaced. Buying AlfaODB for troubleshooting has been worth every penny.
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