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All my tools fit and I still seat 4, comfortably!

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Well, here it is. Heres a quick explanation of what's going on. I own my own Paintless Dent Repair company. The tools on the right are the rods used to remove small dings and dents from cars. I built the tool boxes on the right. I painted them inside and out, then decided to carpet them also. I built the top box on rollers/sliders to make getting them in/out easier. I removed the factory floor tray and built one out of 3/4" plywood and added a trap door where I needed it to store more tools. I originally wanted the "Load n Go", but now I'm kinda glad my SXT didnt come with it. My whole setup is really quiet and easily removable is needed. Comments and suggestions are welcomed!


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Welcome worknitro....You can give Nitrowill some pointers on hauling his Diving equipment..........
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