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And another new owner.

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Hi all, I bought my Nitro about 2 weeks ago. It was time to quit driving my Dakota as a daily driver after 280,000 miles. I'd gone to the dealer to look at buying a Quad Cab Dakota and found that I couldn't stop looking at the Nitro. Now if I can just find headers for it...
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Congrats Gregg! Welcome to the forum! You just realized, as did the rest of us, that you can't stop looking at the Nitro. It almost puts you in a Tranz! Hope you post some pics soon and have fun my friend!
It's a SXT in "Inferno Red". I started by looking at the R/T but didn't really care either way about the 6 speed. Figured that the .3L engine difference wouldn't be to hard to make up once aftermarket parts are out. Then I was looking at SLT's but I really liked the black with the red on the SXT. I'll probably reshoot the red in a couple of years when it's dinged up. The finish is great for factory paint, but doesn't come close to what can be done with a House of Kolor pearl metallic. That and I don't have room right now to take another car apart. I'm re-doing my Camaro (HOK Pearl Tangerine) in my garage right now and then my Dakota after that.
Welcome to the site enjoy, be sure an post a couple pics of your ride.:pepper:
Congrats on the Nitro..Sounds like it was about time for an upgrade, wise decision! :beerchug:
Congratulations!!!!!!!! You have to excuse me, I tend to get excited at all the Nitro ownerz joining the forumz. :D
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