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another new guy checking in

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hello other nitro owners...
i have owned ny slt since late oct '06. i have just over 1000 miles on it and when driving the other day i experienced temporary engine failure. it just lasted a moment but it was a concern. anyone had this problem. i have the 210 hp v-6. bill in texas
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Hello wild Bill from Texas. Yessiree, we all know about your concern, and there are several 'rave' posts on this forum that I bet will make you feel right at home. Chrysler knows about this issue, but doesn't have enough information as yet to solve the problem. You can use the Search tool at the top menu bar to locate these other posts. Feel free to look around, and welcome to the forum. Hope you haven't had any other problems with your ride! Whoop it up Bill, and enjoy the site.
Welcome to the forum, there are several threads here about your problem ,will be a lot of help so read & post your problems away.:pepper:
Hello there my friend! Welcome to the forum...I only wish you could found us sooner. I hope you get that engine checked out. I know there are tons of info that will help you with your Nitro Needs! :cowb:
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