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Another remote start story

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Ok so I read pretty well all the fourm threads that talk about the remote start problems. I'm new and ofcourse bought my Nitro and said hey install a remote start system in it and we have a deal....well 2 months later and 3 trips to the dealer and still not hooks up.

It is a mopar remote start....the book shows K6859219, and it has the 2 small fobs. The first attempt to install...failed and they had to order some sort of install kit...ok the second attempt the messed with that trying to make it work for another day and a half. Now they say it can't be done...and I have to wait for their tech assist to figure it out...with now known end time of a fix.

So question is is the sticky regarding the fix, actually the fix to this or is there another issue?? Do I wait or is there an aftermarket route that I can have Dodge take....and do the aftermarket ones get around all the problems that the mopar one has?

Please, give me some help on this.....mind you I do love my Nitro....


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have you stomped your feet and threatened to hold your breath until you pass out? it usually works for, just kidding I do not have an answer for you just wanted to lighten you up and put a smile on your face. I hope this is resolved soon...I could come up there and do the stomping if you think it will help. :FIREdevil:
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Mine's fine too but you can come up here and stomp any time..;)
I knew if I talked about giving someone the beat-down you would come

so is the remote start after factory or was it an option/condition when purchasing the nitro?
well I AM only 1773.36 miles from ontario....I guess I could head that but by the time I get there I may not be mad anymore.
Well I'm twice that far away....east coast of Canada.....How far are you from OKC?

is okc oklahoma city? if so, maybe a day, if not, prob'ly pretty
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