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Anyone else notice?

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That for the month of May so far it seems the Nitro is not being as advertised as much by dealers and dodge itself? I noticed in Alberta a lack of Nitros in dealer ads under the new car section of those ads and even on the website, there has been a slight shift away. ie, no listing on the new price drop in the nitro eventhough it's being offered at 0% or -$4000.
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I had never seen or heard of the Nitro till January of this year. I happened to be looking through the sales ad for used cars and noticed this bright red SUV. I went to the dealer to check it out. I loved the look and couldn't believe I had never heard about this vehicle before. I bought one in February. I can't say that I have seen any newspaper ads or TV ads for the Nitro. Not in my area of PA anyway. A well kept secrect.
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