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Anyone have pix of 3.7 CAI installed?

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As above, Iv been looking for a picture of a 3.7 CAI installed. i would like to see what it looks like! may be buying a K&N So i would like to hear some results and pix!
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Here is a picture of my polished K&N installed.

Somwhere I posted how-to pictures, but I can't find the thread.

The installation is a piece of cake.


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Yes yes that is actually the exact one i am looking at getting!:cool:
How much did you pay for it? any recomendations?
I love that look and from what iv read its worth getting!
A tech question for you or NitroTech,
Why in the world does the nitro need a Plenum?:confused:
The polished K&N runs between $ 250 - $ 300.00. On the highside if you ask me, but it is built well and everything fit perfecty, no bending or forcing needed.

I am not sure about exactly the plenum to which you are referring, but take a look at this thread to understand the limitations of the stock 3.7 L intake and why aftermarket intakes are a good idea:

Thats a good writeup.
So if it gives you better gas mileage and performance to not have a plenum(airbox) and those bends in the pipe then why to the companies put those into the engine in the first place??:confused:
Take a read a little deeper in my post.

Many drivers don't want to hear the engine. Consumer Reports loves to bash cars by saying things like, "harsh noisy V6".

These baffles perform the same function as the muffler in that they silence the engine epecially during wide open throttle.

Most of us on this formum tend to think the other way-- the Nitro is too quiet for its bold looks. That is a big reason exhaust mods are so popular.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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