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Anyone interested in the OEM flip down screen?

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OK. As I hash out this deal on a loaded r/t I would like a nicer screen than the OE 7" or 6.8" screen. Would anyone be interested in it or know about what I could expect to sell it for? Thanks!!!
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The bad thing is... you can get a 10 to 14 in flip down for under $400.00. So even though the factory one is like a 1200.00 option you aren't going to get even close to that if you sell it. Since it has to go back into another Nitro you are limiting your audience even more.

Try to have them find one without it... You'll be better off money wise. I bought my R/T without one with the sole intention that I wanted a larger screen for less money.

Here are some examples of what flip downs cost these days. I have used these guys before and thier prices are pretty much right on.
:) so you know the deal huh.. :) I added an ACT 10.4 to mine for around 3. Hey you never know... I haven't really seen any on ebay.... you may be able to get a decent price for it from someone who must have oe.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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