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Are we there yet ? What's your opinion ?

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Are we ? ...Or have we become the cohesive group... devoted to the enhancement and preservation of our Nitro's ...known as a CULT ? Has our Nitro ownership taken us far enough outside the mainstream of "The average vehicle owner ?" ...
In the 70's I had a modified VW bug complete with large vinyl Daisy flowers ...Back then we were definitely cultists with our machines...Then I had a Subaru....Those Subaru owners are over the top with their love and dedication to what they fondly refer to as "Bullet Proof " little cars.. I once attended a Subaru factory funded Meet in Naples Florida ...The stories told there by multiple Subaru owners of their cars... Being handed down through the family to where some had 400,000 plus miles on them... Then came the Honda Element and that group of Folks also fell in love with their square little boxes ...Many mods became available and the beat still go's on....
Is the Nitro unusual enough to be next ? I think YES ... Maybe a poll is in order ?

Roadie :confused:
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The Honda element? Is that those weird looking box things with different colored panels on them? If so, i'll put those in a cult class. Nitro, in the sweet class!
Yes Jeff...That's the Element ...Unpainted fender panels on some models, just like your SXT ..And some models have painted fender panels, like my R/T ...
Roadie :i_rolleyes:
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