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Audible door lock alert ~ Redirection?

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Has anybody there got a clue how to redirect the audible door lock alert away from the horn and onto something else? I'm thinking that a mini-buzzer or similar device would be a better option than the horn doing a blast. Right now, I've got it turned off, but it would great to have something audible that won't cause seniors in a parking lot to mess up their 'Depends'!
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I would have to look at the schematic, but it doesnt sound too hard to do. There is probably a wire that turns on the horn relay, only when chirping the locks. Redirecting this wire to a separate relay, controlling a quieter noise maker wouldnt be too hard if you know where everything is. If anyone can provide a wire diagram that shows the horn circuit, I can help draw up a "quiet chirp" circuit tied into it.

Good Idea!:Racing:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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