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Black front grill in Nitro SXT?

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I have a nitro sxt with the crome grill, but I like the painted grill that comes with the R/T's, so does anyone knows about an aftermartket painted grill or should I contact the dealer to replace the one I got.
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Black Grille On Sxt

for anyone wondering about the sxt chrome grille being painted and all that i just got back from my dealer. the guy also owns a paint and custom body shop and he told me that to paint the grille would be worthless. u run the risk of flaking, different color, and many other the cost would be near the 500$ i paid for the R/T grille today that already comes painted....i get the grille in 5 days so i will post pics....but the price is around 500-600 lready painted for the color matched R/T grille...let me know if anyone wants to buy my chrome grille...
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