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Black Nitro on 22" Black w/ Chrome Lip!

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I finally got my wheels over the weekend and I thought I'd share them with all of you to see what you think.

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Dude...those wheels look hot. :ylsuper:Great choice. They really compliment your Nitro.:w00t:
22s really fill in the wheel wells nice :D. Black on Black with chrome really give it that mean gangsta look :cool:. Thanks for posten.
Scrumptious! :D I'm really diggin the Ginelli's!
where is the picture? for some reason i there is no picture displayed. I would love to see it. Black on black is my plan to!!!
I was planning on those same wheels! Thanks for the preview
I dont remember I got it on eBay. Its really good quality to, I recomend it. It only takes an hour to install.
that grille really looks good

I have been trying to find one like that. I've looked on ebay but none look as shiny. What brand is it? It looks like a carriage works but it looks to shiny in your pic. I have been looking for a shiny thick grille. I'm thinking either carriage works or gorilla grille.
ya those look wild and the grill is sweet to if u find out the name of the grill that would cool thanks
Quick question

What size wheels did you end up running?
Dude awesome rims and kick ass grill, ya let us know what name of grill is i cant make up my mind on which one to get i will get my rims this summer...
Sweet Set Up Man -

Nice set up man - I like the Black on Black look.

What kind of rims are they the name of them, please let me know, thanks
What's The Bolt Pattern On The Rims Because I Have Rims From My Old Truck And My Rims Don't Fit
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It Is Off Ebay. Its Very Good Quality. I Dont Recall The Seller But He Posts A Picture On The Item Promoting The Items Quality Next To Another One. Thats All I Remember.
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