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Bought a nitro with my heart not my head.

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I phoned my local dealer up last Friday to ask a few questions about the nitro and to see what extras etc it can come with.

Ended the phone conversation buying a new 08 3.7 with leather,dvd,tinted and side chrome bars.
Come one week later, yesterday (Friday) i have just got home from picking up my new Nitro :D Now when i went to pick it up that was the first time i had seen one in the flesh, i had never sat in one nor test drive one, and my god i still have a big ass smile from ear to ear.

Cant wait to finish work and go more to the dark side.

Cheers Simon.:Racing:
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Congrats, Simon! You've found the right place to talk about your Nitro and to enjoy feedback and kudos for all the fun you have and modifications you do.

Makes me smile to see your smiles! Enjoy!
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