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Brake Lights Sparingly Work

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Hey Guys,

Well, I was driving down to Key West (where I currently am) and several people pulled me over and told me that neither of my brake lights are currently working. When I got to our hotel here - checked them and beleive it or not - both brake lights are not functional. A couple hours we checked and one was working but the other was not - then later neither were. This is the case when my lights are on and off. The third brake light DOES work however.

Anyone had this problem before? Seems like it is some kind of loose wiring or an improper ground. There is obviously no Dodge dealer in the area - so need to figure out a way to try and fix this!
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A bad brake switch or a loose ground stud behind the right rear trim panel that can affect the taillights. The hi mount is a separate circuit and that's why it continue's to work. Boefore going into the rear panel I would suggest checking the taillight connectors first, but it not likely the problem. Its hard to diagnose a problem as such without the vehicle but maybe this will help. If you look through the post Waldorf did with his rear view camera install I think he has a picture that shows the stud I'm referring to. :smileup:
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