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Bull Bar - Removed

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Some of you may remember that I had a Westin Bull Bar on the front of my R/T. I was using my off road lights early one morning about a month ago, and frankly I got sick of watching the light bounce and wobble all over the place. So I removed the bull bar and moved my off road lights down to the bull bar mounting brackets.

The bull bar mounts in three stages. The first set of brackets mount to the frame under the front bumper. The second set mount to those, then in turn the bull bar mounts to that.

I removed the bull bar and the second set of brackets and mounted the lights directly to the first set of brackets. They are very solidly mounted and no longer bounce around.

Now, on the other side of the coin. Unless a manufacturer makes a better second set of brackets, I don't recommend anyone spending money on one, especially if they want to mount lights on it. They just aren't sturdy enough. Don't waste you money this way. Have a machine shop build you some brackets that mount to the steel up under the front bumper for a rock solid fit. This advice is from someone who feels they did waste money on the purchase.
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Thanks for the advice Tim and your Nitro still looks great by the way..:rep:
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