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Buyer Beware - Auto Truck

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Bought splash guards

Had to return due to incorrect catalog information

Grilled for over a week trying to return merchandise

Had to beg for return label

Once returned, they returned what I paid except for a 37% re-stocking fee

Now I have to wait for the screw up who handled my order to come back from vacation

Ironic thing is everyone admits something is wrong but no one will do anything.

Will never order from them again...
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Eastway Chrysler

You should order from Eastway Chrysler. Ask for Adam.

Very cool guy and no non-sense type of guy.

Great prices there plus you get a percentage off because you are registered with

Good luck!
Never ordered from them, there prices seem a little to high. Most for items they have can be found cheaper with a little searching.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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