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Camvap = "NEW CAR LEMON SYNDROME" (Canada Only!)

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G'Day eh?!

Found this info in my E-mail box the other day ....
Thought this might be of interest to folks that are having "NEW CAR LEMON SYNDROME".

Vehicles that continuously break down are a headache. They also cause heartache and money-ache. If proper maintenance and repairs just aren’t enough to get your wheels humming again, then take the smart road and save your investment — and your sanity. Contact the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP).

“CAMVAP helps consumers resolve disputes about the quality of their vehicle or how the manufacturer is interpreting or implementing its warranty on new vehicles,” explains Stephen Moody, CAMVAP’s General Manager.
CAMVAP can help with claims regarding your car’s engine, transmission, electrical, or body fit and finish. “Your vehicle can be new, used or leased, but must have been manufactured for sale in Canada, and must be from the current or past four model years,” notes Mr. Moody. For complete details on eligibility, read Your Guide to CAMVAP.
“It’s a great alternative to the court system, and the process is free of charge,” says Stephen Moody. Be aware, however, that you cannot use both the court system and CAMVAP. “You cannot take a manufacturer to court and then apply to have your case heard with us — or vice-versa,” he cautions.
CAMVAP catching on

More and more consumers are turning to CAMVAP for assistance. And it’s easy to understand why:
  • It’s easy. Starting the arbitration process is quite simple. All it requires is a phone call to 1-800-207-0685 or a visit to If your case is eligible, a hearing date will be set. “The good news is that you don’t need to hire a lawyer to complete the paperwork,” says Mr. Moody. “And since filing for arbitration signals the seriousness of your problems, manufacturers sometimes settle before the actual hearing.”
  • It’s fast. “From application to final reward decision, the process normally takes less than 70 days,” he says.
  • It’s free. “There is no financial cost to the consumer,” Mr. Moody explains. “You will need to spend time preparing your materials and attending the hearing, but there is no fee.”
  • It’s final. Once the arbitrator reaches a decision, it’s final. “Arbitrators can rule that the manufacturer must repair your car, buy back your vehicle, reimburse you for repairs or out-of-pocket expenses or a combination of these,” says Mr. Moody. “Of course, an arbitrator can also rule that there’s no liability on the part of the manufacturer.”
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wow, thanks for posting this> I have a real problem with my nitro and I am stuck in it for the duration of my lease. maybe this is an option.
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