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can bus question

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ok.. today i installed my audio system in my nitro. it sounds fantastic btw..
anyway, the harness that i bought at the local audio shop didn't fit so i used a pin-out diagram that i found in one of the forums (thanks bch) to get it done. i had to use the cig lighter positive lead for my ignition signal. (to turn the head unit on and off with the key) and i'm wondering if the fact that i don't have anything connected to the bus will cause any problems. i know that gm has an interior bus that if not propperly bypassed, will prevent the passenger side airbag from deploying. does any such "problem" exist in my beloved nitro?
if i need to purchase an adaptor of some sort i'll be happy to do it. however.. if it's not necessary, i'd rather hang on to my money.
thanks in advance...
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It won't affect the operation of the vehicle or any components on the BUS. No where near the system GM has where there is an Airbag controller incorporated into the radio. The BUS system in your Nitro will set faults for communication with the radio, that's all.

Curious, tell us about the audio system you installed, and if you've got pics post'em.
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