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Canadian Pricing

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Has anyone in Canada heard of the pricing for the R/T's. My local dealer says they will start in the $42,000 range & up which i find too pricey so if thats the case when they come out i think i will go for an SE for around $27,000 & add a few upgrades myself. I find the SE with the molded bumpers looks really good in the Nitro Red. For a few thousand i imagine i could add some pretty nice aftermarket rims & a decent sound system.
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I think your dealer is full of crap and if he is charging that much for the R/T then I would go to another dealer.....I'm thinking they will start around 31k Canadian....Just my personal opinion.
Yea thats like over $36,000 American way more than a fully loaded R/T would cost down here.Go to the Canadian Dodge site & price one then go back & show him.
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