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Cancelled Order????

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Ordered my Nitro 2-1-07 through Rockwall Dodge in Rockwall, TX. SLT, G package and MyGig. I expected a delay for the MyGig, but was willing to be patient. Without fail, I have checked the status every week. It has been in BG status due to the MyGig until this week. When I call to check today, I am told it is in ZA status as of 3-22. THE ORDER HAS BEEN CANCELLED. I call my dealer and they profess to be as shocked as I am. They tell me DCX cancelled it and it is out of their control. DCX supposedly cancelled ALL pending orders with MyGig. Has anyone else experienced this? Needless to say I am really p***ed about this. I asked my dealer to have someone from DCX call me and explain this. I am not hopeful this is going to happen. I guess I'm screwed.
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