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Over a year ago, I was getting my oil changed at my dealer and they stripped my oil pan. They put in a bigger plug but said that's only a temporary fix and the whole thing is gonna need to be replaced. I went to a local mechanic to try and find an oil pan since I didn't want to deal with the dealer after that, and my local mechanic was unable to track down an oil pan. He looked for months but he could never get a solid answer from Dodge as to when one would be in, and he was unable to find one from any local junkyards. My mechanic said he's seen this before and believes they don't even make the part anymore.

Eventually, I went back to the Dodge dealer to see if they could do it. They said they could and put in an order for one. That was back in January. They can't get an answer from Dodge either and have no idea when one is going to show up. They say they're told it "In production" and it always tells them it will arrive at the end of the month but never shows up.

The Dodge dealer was able to change the oil once, but now they're nervous about taking the plug out and not getting it back in.

Has anybody else ever had this problem? What am I supposed to do, just get rid of my Nitro because nobody can find an oil pan for it. This feels rather insane.
When I was looking for one for my sissy's 2011 Nitro I found that they were discontinued and no replacement part. These are very expensive labor not included. $700 or higher couldn't find not one. Finally, I tried Mopar Canada plenty in stock
21 - 23 of 23 Posts