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Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum as far as posting goes. Since I got my Nitro it's been my go to for an issues.
But this time I had a really bizarre experience this morning.
I have a 2008 Dodge Nitro 3.7L SE
The key fob is disconnected as it does not unlock the vehicle. I went to manually unlock it and suddenly the alarm goes off - The horn was in small blips continuously then only a sounded about 30 seconds apart, the wiper blades and washer fluid engaged along with 4 ways.
Did everything that normally triggers it to stop. Not even starting the vehicle stopped the alarm. I ended up disconnecting the battery.
The last time it ran was Saturday and had no issues. Doors are always manually locked, the gate does not lock but never had an issue. Hood was not opened prior either.

Any thoughts on this one?

Thanks in advance!!

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Welcome to the forum @Lee.X. When you have a chance, head over to the Newbie Section (<click this) and say "Hi".
Tell us a little about yourself and your ride.
That way we can welcome you all proper like.

Sorry to say... Sounds like a classic TIPM short if it was doing like in this Vid.

The key is the wipers going, and washer fluid leaking along with the rest.
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