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Cats On My Nitro!!

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For the second time I awoke to find cat prints on the hood and roof of my Nitro. :SHOCKED:

I looked carefully yet I could not detect a single scratch. Am I just lucky or do cats keep their claws so far in that they do not scratch when they walk?

Does anybody have a way to keep cats away? Some sort of spray smell for my driveway that turns cats off or something like that. Bright lights? Perhaps a rubber bird of prey on the hood?

I have 3 dogs but they stay in the house so they are not there to guard the Nitro from these feline attacks.

If anybody else has this problem, let me know if you ever ended up with damage from the invading cat.

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set off your panic alarm once or twice when they are on or near your car - that will keep them away real quick!
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