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Changing computer program

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I was told by a service guy at a local Dodge dealership that I could take my car to someplace like Autozone, have them hook up their programmer and change the computer and thereby increase the horsepower coming from the engine. You just have to go back and have it changed if you take your car in for any work.
Anyone know if there is any truth to this??
And if it is do you know what things to change in the program?
(I am sure it doesn't have a screen that says...."More horsepower?"
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Thats BUNK. Autozone doesnt have the knowledge or the capability to do something that even the dealer is unable to do. The only way to do this is to install an aftermarket fuel controller. The Super Chips company sells these products and the do work, but you have to know what to adjust to make the power. It isnt simply a plug it in and go faster kind of thing. And yes if you are still in your basic warranty and you have to go in for warranty service it is recommended that you return the vehicle to the stock configuration beforehand. If the necessary repair can be linked back to the aftermarket component then you will be liable for the cost of the repair as well as the labor for completing the repair.
Good Luck,
Hope you held your breath around that guy, cause he was blowing smoke, If thats what they have for techs you better switch dealerships.:shakehead:
I talked to the Super Chips rep a few days ago & at this time they have no plans to make a computer module for any model Nitro.:mad3:
bgchrysler has programming available for 3.7L and 4.0L. $430 / $450 (2 day vs overnight)
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