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I've used this forum multiple times when troubleshooting things on my nitro but finally decided to make an account. Mostly because I have an issue that isn't "exactly" covered by a previous post from. From what i've found at least.

Anyway, introduction -

I'm from Oregon, bought my 2008 Nitro in 2018 (3.7l, SLT, 4x4, automatic) with 79k miles on it. Carfax said it came from California and had two owners before me. It's up to 141k now, has been reliable - or at least the things wrong with it don't affect it's ability to run. The AC compressor died the same year I bought it, so I replaced it but only half-assed the job and didn't replace EVERYTHING to do with the AC system so the compressor failed again a year later. Expensive lesson. Apparently when you turn on the heater it activates the clutch in the ac compressor which did not make the truck happy so I went about a year with no heater before my dad suggested I simply unplug the compressor. So now I kind of have a heater back, it's about half strength compared to what I remember it being when I first bought the thing.

Power locks stopped working, the fuse (i'm blanking on which one) for them pops if you replace it. As far as I can tell it's due to a short in the TIPM rather than in any of my actual locking mechanisms. Inconvenient but manageable. The other things controlled by that fuse circuit also don't work, like my wiper fluid sprayers.

Replaced the front wheel hubs in january to fix some wheel hop when making sharp corners in parking lots and this weird wobble at very specific speeds. Got hit by a deer late last year doing about 55, completely destroyed the side of the truck but for some reason my insurance was fine paying 6 grand to fix it and I really like the way these things look so I went with fixing instead of buying something new.

That about covers everything except my new problem which i'll make a new thread for once I figure out where it should go.
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