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check- in

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Hey everyone - Nice to be on board.

Just took possession of my new 2008 Nitro R/T ( or should I say my wife did )
last Monday. As the kids say: " It's SWEET! "
Boy was that short lived. This Monday its in the shop! Brake issue!

Flat spot, then a small clunk is noticed as brakes are initiated! Tech's to replace master cylinder, etc. They seem to know there are issues out there already with this vehicle and are very eager to solve my problems.

Hope to get it back shortly - miss the " SWEET " ride.
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Welcome to the forumz!! :smileup: You're kids have got it right, it is sweet! Sorry to hear you're having problems with the brakes. I have not heard of issues with the master cylinders. Anyways, there are known issues, but most have been resolved. Lots of information here to take in so enjoy yourself and get involved. :)
Yea, the stalling issue that plagued many Nitro owners for months was extremely discouraging. There is still an ongoing transmission issue, hopefully this will be resolved soon. It's really too bad when a new vehicle is plagued with build quality issues. As an owner it sometimes hard to feel like your getting ahead of the problem, and often feel you're overcome with them. The happy new ownership feeling quickly fades.

It sounds like you've got a knowledgeable dealer on your side. Hopefully, just a little bump in the road and you'll have your new Nitro back. :smileup:
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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