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check- in

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Hey everyone - Nice to be on board.

Just took possession of my new 2008 Nitro R/T ( or should I say my wife did )
last Monday. As the kids say: " It's SWEET! "
Boy was that short lived. This Monday its in the shop! Brake issue!

Flat spot, then a small clunk is noticed as brakes are initiated! Tech's to replace master cylinder, etc. They seem to know there are issues out there already with this vehicle and are very eager to solve my problems.

Hope to get it back shortly - miss the " SWEET " ride.
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This may be nothing major, but I think they have had so many issues already, and many still outstanding, that they are trying even harder to correct the problems. You know - too many problems means lost sales.
In my case they are just going to change a few parts ( one at a time ) in the hopes of fixing the issue.
Thank for the friendly greeting NitroTech, Waldorf and dk1677.
This looks like its going to be a very informative site and I hope to make many aquaintances.
Just hope my wife doesn't get to upset - One can really spend a lot of time on this site. But then again I'll just tell her I'm only diong it for "her" Nitro.
Hey Waldorf, canadianlimey - would have joined you but saw the message too late.
Next time for sure! I'm origanally from St. Catharines so Hamilton would be good too. Take the vehicle for a nice boot.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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