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Checking in from San Antonio, TX

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Hey all! :wavey: We purchased our 2007 Black Nitro SXT w/6 speed manual transmission on May 28th.......hopped in it on June 15th and drove 4,000 miles to/from Texas to Maryland. Had 2 rottweilers and a weeks worth of luggage and 2 dog crates. GREAT trip! Have a few hiccups of 'newness' to work out on the Nitro, to include the recent recall for engine failure, which we experienced first hand at 75 mph on our return trip.....but thankfully there is a reason and it goes in Thursday for that. We added luggage bars to the top and a hitch and hitch basket for the trip.......glad to see so many like us who enjoy the unique appearance and great handling of the Nitro. We went to buy a four door dodge truck, but thanks to a very savvy salesperson, we got the Nitro which serves our needs MUCH better!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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