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Checking In...Kind of...

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Hey everyone! I ordered my Nitro RT on January 28th and waited very patiently until it came in and did the paperwork on May 3rd...finally!:) I picked it up the following day and drove it around for a bit. Parked met some friends and then on the way home a temp light came on. About a mile after that while looking for a place to pull over on the Interstate a check engine light came on. I found a spot about another .5 miles down the road and as I was pulling over the power went slowly to hell. Seems the car overheated (why I dont know yet) and blew a transmission line as well. This all with a very big 62 miles on the new car. Hence the title checking in...kind of...anyways its at the dealer and I'm waiting to hear what went wrong. To say the least a bit frustrated at this point,:mad: but still hoping it all works out because its sooooooooooooo very nice and full of fun toys. I'll let you all know what I find out!
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Sooo I picked it up last night and they said it blew a line carrying coollant and overheated...but I don't get the feeling they are being fully up front (surprise). They changed the line and replaced the H2O pump, etc. Anyways I took it around last night and it felt fine, took it to work and all was well...then coming back from lunch the check engine light came on so I am writing this from the service waiting room and will provide an update on the most current issue when I find out. Fortunately I drove it in this time and didn't have to tow it in. Wish me luck!
Fixed again?

Well, I got it back really quickly. They said they hadn't tightened down a sensor properly when they did the previous work so it came loose driving. All SHOULD be well now. I'll keep everyone posted...hope I don't have to see anyone until the first time it needs "scheduled maintenance".
Enjoy the weekend everyone!
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