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Chrome Fuel Filler Door

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I received a Chrome Fuel Filler Door for Christmas (along with a chrome bugshield and sunroof air deflector). It seemed easy to install (as the others where pretty easy as well), but I can't for the life of me get the two screws holding the original loose. :shy: And I don't want to strip them. Could anyone give me any advise for getting them loose? I'll post some pictures once I get everything finished.
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there are many tools that can do that, but if your writing this I assume you dont have them. One shadetree mechanic's way is to tap the end of the screw driver with a mallet while turning it . This usually works for me in most cases. If that doesn't work, My choice is a air hammer with a Lester tool. Works like a champ.
That's what I'd say also hand impact tool or cordless , elec. or air impact tool. Someone you know should have one of those four.
Welcomr joeb30. Don't think we have heard from you before. Ha., since that was your first post I don't guess so.!! Enjoy the site. The information you get here is second to none.
I've tried 2 cordless drills (14.4 and 19.2)... neither was strong enough. I also tried attaching the T30 to a ratchet... and still no luck. I'm going to stop by a local body shop and see if they can help me out. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of all the accessories on later this week. I really like the looks of the chrome on black. Thanks for the replies.
Please post pics when you are done. I also have a black Nitro and am looking to add chrome accessaries.
That looks great. I really like the look of the chrome bug guard.
Thats two very good looking additions joeb30, the body shop did the trick eh.
Yep. Sadly they used the same thing I had tried... a ratchet. Oh well, I knew them and they didn't charge me anything to install it. I'm really happy with how everything looks. Now come on UPS with the slush floor mats...
The slush mats are great, really like em, sounds like everyone else that got them likes them also.
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