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Chrysler Buy Incentive question

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Hmmm the plot thickens!

From my prior post the dealer that I spoke to on Friday has a Inferno red R/T on order due in sometime near the end of April. Was gonna be getting it from them for about 26,400.

Had some spare time Saturday so I drove out to "just look around" at a not so local dealer. Ended up chatting with a sales person and she ran up some numbers on a Red R/t that I can have next week with actually a few more options (ie tow package, security system). The price is very close to what I have already. However she is saying that the previous dealer is in error offering a $1000 cash if you use Chrysler Financing to buy. She said they are offering that for leasing but but not for out right purchase.

I guess my question is does anyone know or have you heard if Chrysler is offering the $1000 for a buy incentive :shy: . (If they are offering this I'm curious why the second dealer wouldn't wanna give that to me??)

Clueless in NY:loser1:


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From what i have read on the Dodge website and in the local papers, your second dealer is correct. DCX was offering $1000 if you leased the vehicle through them, but no incentive if you bought it with your own financing. You can check this by going to, and clicking on "special offers" on the left side, near the bottom. You will be able to click on the lease and buy tabs to see what they offer right now. I think that $1000 offer was last month. Hope this helps.

Thanks that is pretty much what I was thinking wasn't sure if there was some sort of "dealer wiggle room" on such things. Would love to be able to get that extra $1000 off but "it is what it is"

Looks like I'm gonna cancel my first offer and go with the second more nitro with a payment within $5 per month as the first offer!!! :ura1:
Well I didnt have that incentive problem but I did have another. I recieved a card in the mail saying "6 months free gas with a purchase of any new vehicle" . When I tried to use it they told me it didnt apply to Nitros. Doesn't say a word about excluding the Nitro. Almost cancelled my contract but didn't but I'm still upset about it. Just wait until I get the survey they will be sending.
Didn't that free gas card have a picture of a Nitro on it too? I remember something you posted about that. Hilarious... :loser1:
Didn't that free gas card have a picture of a Nitro on it too? I remember something you posted about that. Hilarious... :loser1:
Yes it did as a matter of fact.
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