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Chrysler's Nassau Concept Pictures

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"Chrysler’s concept for Detroit is a look at what can be done post-300C. The 300 sedan was such a hit for the company it will be hard to follow it up with almost anything. In the Nassau, Chrysler offers a surprising take on the family sedan — it isn’t a sedan at all; it’s a four-door hatchback.
Because of its rounded rear, the Nassau doesn’t appear nearly as large as the 300C, though it is. The front and rear are exaggerated, and there are certainly some flaws inherent in the design, but we still see a lot of potential here.
The slab-faced 300C, while a success, is visually stunting. This more arrow-headed — and ended — look could easily be its successor because the design cues still mirror the current Chrysler lineup. It might not be a home run, but the Nassau certainly makes us curious about the future of Chrysler’s large sedan. "

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Why do all the Chrysler Concept Cars have duals but the factory produced ones don't even offer it as an option?

I like this roof! Could these sun roofs be designed to open inward ?

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